Conversion Rate Optimization

Professional consultants take particular consideration in using the conversion rate optimization method (CRO) to improve a business’s growth rate. This is when they take user feedback, coupled with analytics, and are able to improve upon any key performance indicator within a website that might be contributing to a lack of optimal productivity in:

  • Customer registration
  • Downloads
  • Customer retention
  • Lack of new customers

The goal is to find a customer experience that turns them from someone who is just browsing a company website into a consumer who will return multiple times to buy the product.

Sometimes, this leads to the following changes after CRO analysis is completed:

  • More specific marketing avenues to entice targeted customers to the website
  • Placing advertising on a more “traffic-heavy” page
  • Re-design of customer process to complete their transaction within the conversion funnel

This is why 78% of businesses today are not happy with their conversion rates, but they don’t know how to fix it on their own because they have no clue as to why their customers are not returning or not buying on their initial visit to their website. So, consulting with a professional will put the guesswork in the hands of someone who is skilled at determining what the issue is and increasing your company’s conversion rate for a better return on your investment and an accelerated growth in revenue.


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