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Advertising on Google

Advertising is onversrucial to succeeding in business, regardless of the specific product or service you’re selling. Considering how popular search engines are – about 3.5 billion on Google alone per day – advertising on Google makes plenty of sense.
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How Can I Advertise On Google?

Google’s biggest source of income is through advertisements. The company is considered a leader in advertising, and offers its services through Google AdWords.

AdWords is easy to use, and is geared towards beginners – don’t feel overwhelmed by getting started with AdWords.

What Is Google AdWords?

When people use search engines, they type in keywords and phrases that relate directly to whatever they’re looking for. Google AdWords helps businesses gain traffic on their sites by offering links placed atop search engine results for various phrases.

AdWords operates through an online platform, helping you work when, where, and how much you want. Other advertisers require in-person or phone meetings, and don’t offer nearly as many tools as Google does to its clients.

Why Should I Advertise Online?

The Internet is home to thousands of statistics demonstrating the effectiveness of digital advertising – search around for a few minutes and you’ll find endless benefits of advertising through the Internet.

48 percent of all consumers begin research through a search engine. Further, 72 percent of consumers that engage in local searches on Google go on to visit a store within five miles of their original search.

Advertising through AdWords will help generate loads of revenue, and will most likely result in your business being in a better financial position than before it began using AdWords.

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Could You Explain The Inner Workings Of AdWords In Further Detail?

You don’t pay Google AdWords anything until one of your advertisements is clicked. That ad could be linked to a product you’re trying to push, or simply to your company’s home page.

Every time one of your ads is clicked, the price you pay is called cost-per-click, and is often abbreviated as CPC. You’re able to set what prices you’re willing to pay, to make sure you don’t break the bank in advertising online.

You can also choose to pay Google for every 1,000 times it shows up on search engine result pages (SERPs). The amount you pay for these impressions is called cost-per-impression, or CPM. You, yourself, can choose between these two options, both of which offer their own benefits.

Advertisements are paid for on an auction basis. Ad spots are awarded to businesses that pay the most per click or per impression for a particular keyword or phrase. The company’s online interface will inform you of where the market for a particular search term’s cost stands, making sure you’re privy to the market’s latest, greatest knowledge.

Fortunately for advertisers using Google AdWords, this calculation doesn’t take any longer than 0.25 seconds, in most cases. You’ve been using Google for a while, most likely, and never knew this – neither do consumers.

Over time, you’ll become an AdWords specialist. However, many people choose to pay for help.

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