New website design for property service market

We had a client who came to us with an existing website that didn’t perform well. They didn’t get enough leads. 


We decided to change the following things on the website with the goal to increase contact form submissions, phone calls and online bookings. 

  • Improved lead capture efficiency by implementing a click-to-call function on the website
  • Improved website copy by highlighting important selling points
  • Re-designed online booking form making it easier to use for mobile visitors. 
  • Created new SEO optimized pages for the different services
  • Added new contact forms along with relevant CTAs on all landing pages.
  • Made the phone number visible on all pages and devices
  • Implemented a sticky header for easy navigation
  • Removed stock photos and replaced them with more professional looking images
  • Refined the pricing strategy to better positioning the business in the marketplace.

The results

  • 20% more organic traffic to the website
  • 25% increase in conversion rate and leads
  • 10 increase in engagement metrics like bounce rate and time on site

New Website design



Adress: Värmdövägen 120

131 60 Nacka

Telefon: 010-410 06 00