Manufacturing companies have the role of producing the products that department stores and specialized retailers will promote and sell. Therefore, manufacturers have not always been as marketing-driven as other types of companies. However, in a global environment where disruptive trends are placing manufacturers in competition with a host of other companies from across the globe, marketing is becoming a greater necessity for those in the space.

Employ a Strong Content Marketing Strategy

A prime concern of manufacturing companies is securing large, repeat clients that will keep orders coming in. You need to ensure that interested buyers searching for your products will find you readily on the internet. The best way to do this is to appear in the top of search engine results for queries done for your specific area of production.

By creating a website with tons of useful content that your potential clients find relevant, Google and other search engines will reward you by ranking your posts in the best positions. Focus on content that helps your target audience solve a problem. Educational content and case studies are prime examples of content that your B2B prospects will find great value in. Showing how your manufacturing operation provides the most benefits to these users will guarantee you get an influx of leads that you can then convert to signed contracts.


Leads for manufacturing companies are of extreme importance due to the fact that a single contract can increase revenue by leaps and bounds. If every deal you close is that important, shouldn’t you be paying great care with each lead? A personalized approach shows your potential clients that you value the time they are spending to examine doing business with you. From your communication to your brand’s message, you should take great care to display that your manufacturing company is not a faceless enterprise that pumps out products for nameless buyers.

Start with an autoresponder that helps you personalize your e-mail communication. An autoresponder is a software service that aids you in building an e-mail list while sending your prospects tailored newsletters and offers. In your online ads and content marketing, be sure to portray an image of a company that cares about each individual client.

Use Social Media and Video Marketing

Social media isn’t a tool that is limited to retail-level sellers. Professionals of all niches are looking for better options in sourcing products for their businesses. Having a presence on social media will ensure you reach as many such potential clients as possible. For B2B operations, a strong LinkedIn profile can attract business clients that are actively looking for manufacturers.

Video marketing can also be a constructive avenue to follow for your manufacturing company. Product demonstration videos, tours of your facility and tutorials can gain great traction on video platforms like YouTube.

Find a Knowledgeable Consultant

Achieving success on the internet is a product of many factors. The best way to avoid the learning curve associated with mastering the intricacies of online marketing is to speak with an experienced agency. A marketing firm experienced with running successful ad campaigns and getting companies on the top of search engines can boost your manufacturing business in a short span of time.




Load Indicator – Client review

About the company

Load Indicator is a Sweden based manufacturing firm offering products like load cells and weight sensors for different industries in Europe.

Their custom solutions and products are fully compliant with international standards. Along with their services they offer outstanding customer support in Swedish and English for the European market.


Marketing Strategy

Load Indicator had an existing website using a Swedish domain extension. In order to reach the European market we had to set up an top level domain and optimise the content for each market and language. This enabled us to increase the organic visitors to the website from other markets than Sweden.

We also set up ads to promote each product to the ideal customers along with proper tracking for the website. This allowed us to measure inbound leads and calculate the return on investment.