5 Things To Consider When Designing A B2B Website

When creating a new B2B website you need to consider what makes your website unique, why someone should buy from you, and how to make it easy for them to buy.

What Is Your Niche?

You can’t please everyone, and it’s as important as ever to niche down. The more focused you are in the service that you provide on your B2B website, the more successful you will be. If you are too broad in what you do, your clients will be confused and lose focus on what you do. Decision-makers and internet users have shortened attention spans, and if your website takes too much thought to navigate they’ll browse away. Keep things simple.

What Is Your Unique Selling Proposition?

There are far too many businesses online and the only way to stand out is to create your unique selling proposition that explains why a client should go with you instead of the plethora of other businesses out there. To find your unique selling proposition, consider your background and what you bring to the table that only someone with your history could offer.

Selling B2B Is Different Than B2C

When you sell to regular consumers, you can target specific people and create an avatar that you are able to market to. Selling to businesses is more complicated and you have to define a broader scope. How big is the company? Who makes buying decisions?

In business to business, you need to consider what is a win-win for both you and your client. You aren’t just selling a service, you are selling a connection that can develop into a long-term relationship. As you develop the relationships further, you can continue to sell additional services and products.

Are Your Contact Streams Open?

Business to business buyers are younger than ever and things like fax numbers make your company look outdated. A recent study by SnapApp and Heinz Marketing (http://cdn.snapapp.com/site/resources/Heinz-SA-Millennial-Buyer-FINAL.pdf) discovered that 41% of buyers are millennials. Make it easy for buyers to purchase your services without hitting too much personal friction.

Make sure your contact forms are easy to use on desktop and mobile devices.
Contact forms on website

Take time to set up your social media platforms. Social media isn’t just for sharing personal details. Businesses are turning to social media to connect with their customers and get in touch directly with your support teams. Your customers will be ready to follow and interact with you, make it easy for them.

How Will You Generate Leads?

Mailing services like MailChimp or ActiveCampaign have turned lost clients into a warm lead that can be followed up with in the future. In order to get people on your mailing list and turn them into leads, you’ll need to entice people to give away information in exchange for something. What will you give away that your clients will find useful?

In order to have a successful B2B website, you need to ensure everything is operating in the easiest and quickest way for your buyers. For more information please contact our friendly team of designers.

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